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Park Rules & Etiquette


  •  Helmets compulsory at all times
  •  Ride ante clockwise only
  •  No horses or other animals, skateboard or scooters
  •  No motorized vehicles including: motorcycles, bicycles with motors, motorized scooters and motorized skate boards
  •  No Glass containers
  •  Keep to left hand side of circuit. (Road circuit only)
  •  Be aware of and respect other users
  •  Obey instructions of TVT members or their representatives
  •  Facility not available for public use when pre booked for an exclusive activity
  •  Use by any person for commercial gain without permission of TVT is not allowed
  •  Riders ride at their own risk


  • Track Bikes only
  •  It is the responsibility of the rider entering onto the track to ensure the way is clear before proceeding 
  •  Slow riders ride above the blue line
  •  Faster riders below the blue line
  •  Faster riders are responsible for passing safely
  •  Hands on handlebars at all times
  •  No ipods/headphones to be used while riding 
  •  No eating or drinking while riding 
  •  It is the responsibility of any pedestrian to give way to riders at all times except in an emergency. Extreme care required when crossing the track

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